Get More than Hurricane Resistance from Impact Windows

If your home was built earlier than 1998 in Florida, it might not meet the required standards of wind load tests. You may have to reinforce them with shutters, or you install windows and doors that are impact resistant. This article explains to you the benefits of using impact-resistant windows.

It is important to get the right quality of resistant windows, and you have them installed professionally. To get value for your money, work with a professional and experienced staff of impact windows Fort Myers FL.

What are impact resistant windows?

They are also known as impact or laminated windows. Impact windows are made with a heavy-duty frame and laminated glass that remains intact even when hit by flying debris. A silicone glaze attaches the glass to the frame adding to its resistance to torrential winds, hurricane debris or any external pressure.

When buying your laminated windows, you may choose the PVB type that has a polyvinyl butyral between two glass layers. The other type has a resin liquid between the glass layers that is cured before use.

The other type that is not common because it is cumbersome to make combines PVB and PET. Sentry Glass Plus type of laminated windows are mounted on buildings that require bullet and bomb resistance.

Advantages of impact windows

Less overall cost

Installation may seem expensive, but the overall cost is low. They will protect your home from damages during storms, hurricanes, and tornados. You will not keep replacing them as they are permanently mounted on your home.


The windows do not shutter when broken — making it impossible for thieves to gain access to your home through them.

Ultraviolet light blockage

The windows block up to 99% ultraviolet light that damages upholstery, carpets, and curtains.

Reduction of unwanted external noises

Homeowners have reported a significant reduction of external noises after installing impact windows.

Energy efficiency

Impact windows contribute to your home energy efficiency by reducing the cost of heating and air-conditioning. They regulate the interior temperature of your home reducing the amount of heating and air conditioning that you require.

No risk of pieces of broken windows

The windows do not break into small pieces when hit. They form a spider web-like pattern, but they remain intact, much like the windscreen of a vehicle.


Your home is permanently protected regardless of the weather. You do not have to hurry home to put up protection or call your neighbors to shutter the windows for you in the face of a storm or a hurricane.

Insurance premium discounts

Your insurance provider may give you a discount of up to 45% on your premium if you have impact windows on your home. Consult them to find how you can benefit.


Impact resistant windows have a lower overhead cost, protect your home from burglars and UV light, and insulate your home from external noises. Your utility bills will reduce, as you will need less heating and air conditioning. You may get an insurance premium discount, over the convenience of having permanent protection from adverse weather effects. You can get them at Southland Exteriors.