The 5 Most Common Myths About Window Cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning, there are many different methods and techniques that you can use. It is hard to know if they work until you try them, so below we cover the 5 most common myths about window cleaning. Traditional methods of window cleaning such as using newspapers, nylon stockings and coffee filters are becoming less popular. As there has been huge technological advances, with the invention on window cleaning vacuums. But which method is superior to the other? When and how should you do it?

1.    You Should Clean Your Window While the Sun Shines

According to this myth, the perfect weather for cleaning your windows is when it’s quite sunny. This is far from the truth because sun rays normally heat your window panes making them lose the water moisture fast. This ends up leaving behind some ugly streaks and stripes. You should therefore wait for the sun to set in order for you to clean your windows to get a better finish.

2.    Newspapers Will Clean Your Windows Best

This is nowhere close to the truth. Although newspapers absorb a lot of water, the resultant effect on windows is that it leaves traces of the ink on your windows. This tends to discolour your window panes in the long run which can be costly to replace. Instead of using newspapers, try using Coffee filters or nylon stockings. However, these are still not the best methods. For excellent results, use a glass specific micro-fibre cloth designed to give you streak free windows.

3.    It is Faster to Cleaning Windows with Hot Water

This is definitely not true. The water for cleaning your windows should only be warm to maximize the solubility of cleaning detergents. Hot water on the other hand will evaporate these detergents reducing their effectiveness on your windows. Start adding a few drops of vinegar in your window washing detergent or solution for an absolutely perfect result.

4.     Using Glass Cleaner Will Get Rid of Streaks on Your Windows

This is only true to some extent. Glass cleaners normally contain scents that end up forming a small thin layer of discharge on your windows. You can try using black tea once in a while to get rid of streaks on your glass panes. However, caution should be exercised since continuous usage of black tea on your windows can lead to discoloration.

5.    Professional Window Cleaners are Overrated

This is not true since professionals possess a high level of expertise and also use the most effective professional techniques when cleaning your windows. They are well trained in window cleaning and they have also mastered the art of window cleaning through years of experience. They are also trained to clean even the hardest to reach windows. So are able to clean windows you could not clean safely yourself. They know the best methods and cleaning products to use from experience. They are able to carry out the task safely and in a timely manner. A professional window cleaning service such as Endeavour Property Services, who provide Window Cleaning in Auckland may seem costly but they offer the fastest, safest and effective way to get streak free sparkling windows.