Taking Care of Your Roof so it Takes Care of You

A quality roof is an important investment for any home. While we may not see very much of them, especially if they aren’t steeply pitched, they play a significant role in protecting the home from the elements. A good roof also lowers further damage and utility costs. It’s important to remember that choosing and installing a quality roof is only half of the battle. Maintaining the roof you have will go a long way toward increasing its lifespan and protecting the rest of your home. 

The Role Your Roof Plays

Besides the obvious role your roof plays of protecting your house from the elements, the roof is also a major selling point when you list your house. A new roof, especially a high-end roof with a long warranty, will look very appealing to potential buyers. Even if you aren’t selling your house it is well worth it to ensure your roof is in good condition for peace of mind. Leaks in the shingles or flashing can damage the underlying structure of your home over time, which will rack up the costs much higher if left unaddressed.

When to Fix and When to Replace Your Roof

Most roof installations come with a warranty, but it is still important for you to maintain it so that you don’t void the warranty. Most roofs are designed to last around 25 years. If your roof is getting close to the end of this time frame a replacement might be a good idea. Replacing your roof is usually a good investment due to the higher energy efficiency of new roofs and the money you will save on utilities in the long run. The process of replacing your roof also allows installers an opportunity to ensure the underlying structure and flashing is in good condition.

If you are ever unsure if it is better to replace or repair your roof, remember that many roofing companies offer free inspections. A qualified professional can give you a more accurate idea of the best plan for caring for your home. Search online for “roof installation North Charleston SC” to find someone near you. When you receive an inspection, you can expect to receive an accurate idea of necessary steps and the pricing associated with the different options.

Roofing Materials

Shingle roofs are the most common for good reason. They are inexpensive to replace and repair in comparison to other roof materials. They also last for a long time and are easy to install, which means lower costs on labor during installation and repairs. Shingles also come in a multitude of colors and styles, giving you desirable flexibility to achieve the right look for your home.

Metal is another attractive roofing option. While the cost up front is higher, metal roofs are built to last since they are resistant to mold and mildew. They are also lightweight and fire resistant. They also reflect light which makes them more energy efficient. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to replace or repair your current roof, it is very important to take good care of it for the well-being of your house and your wallet. Finding a reliable company is a great first step, since they can inspect your roof and give you more information on the best course of action. Don’t delay on taking care of your roof.