6 Things To Do Before Hiring Office Relocation Services

Planning to move your office/business? You need to get organized and plan for a stress-free move. Office moving is a huge undertaking that require cooperation of various stakeholders as well as extra help from corporate moving companies. Consider the following steps.

  1. Notify others

You must not forget to let your customers know that you are moving. This should be done well in advance preferably 2 weeks before relocation. The authorities and various utilities need to informed too about your new address. There are different ways to inform others as highlighted below.

  • Door signs and flyers
  • Post cards
  • Press release
  • Voice mail messages
  • Email notifications
  • Business card updates
  • Website notifications
  • Social media
  • Grand opening celebrations
  1.   Plan for the move

There is a need for establishing a timeline which will accommodate all the moving stages. This should be discussed with different stakeholders: the moving company, supervisors, managers, subordinate staff etc. At least 3 months are needed to prepare for moving a small office while a big office requires about 6-8 months. The important thing is to plan earlier enough.

  1. Gather information about the new office

Find blueprints and layouts of the new space in order to determine the essentials like office store, electrical outlets and so on. A layout plan helps in comparison of the new and the old space. Potential problems of the new space must be identified so as to find remedies as soon as possible. You might need to hire painters and carpenters to take care of the new furniture and walls.

  1. Budget

You move should be budgeted and all costs involved should be determined. The best office shifting services are those that give clear quotes before moving. Your most critical task is to hire the right movers. Be sure to ask the right questions concerning their prices. Booking service early can help you find good prices to save your budget.

  1. Delegate duties

A moving committee should be elected to help with the relocation schedule. You might need specialty services like computer technicians, telephone line contractors, and office designers. Every department in your office should have a manager to determine everything that is needed from their area. All fundamental areas like reception and lobby must be covered.

  1. Schedule regular meetings

Employees should be reminded constantly concerning the office move so that they do their packing in advance. This will minimize last minute stress associated with moving.

Office relocation is not easy and without proper plans, a business might incur heavy costs. That is why the above steps must be taken into consideration before moving.