Find The Best Mattress To Alleviate That Aching Back

The most common area an individual would suffer from a backache in is the lower region though one can feel it from the neck down, through the spine and to the hips. It is important that you keep your body flat when you are lying down. This posture allows you to provide continuous support to your body as you avoid any uneven surface. The most important part of the body posture is the distribution of the body weight to avoid any stress on the spine.

Once you lie down as suggested, you should sleep with a posture that ensures the spine is straight so your shoulders, neck, lower, upper and middle back are safe. If you notice that there are gaps between the body and the top cover surface, your body is not getting the right support need, and you will start feeling joint pains when you wake up. Having this in mind, how can one find the best mattress?

Soft vs. Firm?


It doesn’t matter the kind of pain you are experiencing, you need to consider the firmness of your mattress. If you have a soft mattress, you might want to try using a firmer option. It might be that the current soft mattress you are having is creating an uneven level while you are resting. On the flip side, if you are using a firm mattress, you may wish to choose a softer option; it might be that the firmness is hurting your back. As you can see, there is no defined answer as to whether to pick a soft or firm mattress for pain relief, because there are various degrees of back pains, and every individual’s needs are different.

Rotating and flipping


Rotating and flipping are common short relief preventative measures for back problems. Once in a while, it is important to either rotate the mattress in a clockwise motion or flip it upside down. This is to maintain the even support and comfort of the mattress. Once you frequently rotate or flip the mattress, you will ensure that the bed does not sag in one corner, which is a major cause of stress in your spinal joints.



Mattresses don’t have a standard lifespan; it all depends on how you use it. If you wake up each morning with a painful effect on your back, it may be the right time to change the mattress. To get best results and maintain a healthy posture and spine, it is wise to replace a mattress after every 7-10 years after buying it.

Types of mattresses for your back problems




The latex mattress is a well-known mattress specific to back pain patients, because of its spring action that is effective to relieve back pains when sleeping. It has been recorded that at least 33% of latex mattress owners claim that the mattresses they use which are all latex provides them with pain relief in different parts of the body, including the hips, shoulders, and neck. The spongy, premium material pushes gently against the body to maximize the natural shape of the body, ensuring full contact and provision of spine relief and pressure point relief. The latex mattress is one of the best mattress option for anyone experiencing back pains.



The pocket spring is another orthopedic mattress that offers support for the whole body. The pocket spring mattress is made up of unique spring coils that are placed inside fabric. Each spring in the mattress acts as independent to support the body in the perfect sense. A standard spring mattress has between 1,000 and 2,000 springs. In case you weigh more than 420 pounds, you should consider a spring bed with more than 2,000 springs.

Memory foam


Memory foams have been considered as great options for patients with back problems. Most people who had back pains experienced some sort of joint pain relief after using the memory foam mattress. The mattress has unique mattress density. Generally, a mattress that has a high foam density of five pounds offers the best support and spinal alignment. A medium foam density of four pounds offers less body contouring, while a low foam density of between two to three pounds offers less effective pain relief.


When it comes to the right mattress for pain relief, consider going for either a memory foam, a spring or a latex mattress. These provide natural and effortless support to the body while you sleep so you wake up feeling fresh and pain-free.