Choosing a New Mattress: Newly Weds

If you’re newly married or engaged, chances are, you’ll need to shop for a new mattress soon. This purchase is a bigger deal than most people think because you’ll technically spend more time in bed than anywhere else. Here is some advice from The Foam Factory.

Although mattresses typically don’t cost more than a house or car, it’s still one of the most significant purchases that you’ll have to make. The mattress must be capable of accommodating both you and your spouse, so going shopping for a mattress together would be the easiest way to decide which type of cushion filling you both prefer.

Many people choose a foam mattress because they can be firm enough to properly support the spine, and soft enough to provide an unparalleled comfort. Especially when compared to the traditional spring mattress. You have the option of purchasing a foam with gel, latex, or memory foam each with their own set of benefits.

The point where most people go wrong is with mattress replacement. A good mattress can last up to a decade but should be replaced every five to seven years if it causes poor sleeping habits. This amount of time can also be shortened if the owner is overweight or moves around a lot in their sleep. Frequently waking up with aches and pains due to your mattress is usually a pretty good indicator that it’s time to be replaced.