2018’s Top Five Kitchen Accessory Trends

Once you have planned your new kitchen design in northampton, decided upon the style of units and chosen the materials and colours for the work surfaces, walls and floors, the only thing left to do is to pick out some amazing accessorie

Kitchen accessories are usually counted among the minute details, but when it comes to interior designing, these little things make a huge impact. Most the kitchen accessories used have a practical purpose, but apart from their primary use they also help you create a cohesive appearance in your kitchen.

Just like any other statement piece, kitchen accessories also follow a style trend. What do you need to complete your kitchen design and is it on point?

To help you with this, here are 2018’s top five kitchen accessory trends.

1: Handles in alternative metals

People usually prefer a bit of chrome that blings up their kitchen units. It is shiny, easy to clean and goes well with everything. However, it is also generic, and perhaps there are so many other amazing finishes to choose from.

Currently, warm-toned metals such as bronze and copper are trending. But if they don’t go well with your kitchen design, you can choose from other options that includes brushed nickel, antiqued pewter or a wrought-iron appearance.

Also, while you are considering metallic elements for your kitchen, make sure you even consider these alternative metal finishes for other items that normally come in chrome – to maintain the uniformity.

2: Sisal rugs

Eco-kitchen designs are expected to grow in coming years. With this trending, more and more houses are using sustainable and natural materials for decorating their kitchen. Some of the popular designs in this trend includes cork flooring, walnut work surfaces and reclaimed tiles.

For instance, sisal fibre comes from a species of Agave, and it is one of the most popular options for rugs. This is mainly because of its durable nature and warm neutral colour.

On the other hand, kitchen flooring are usually made from natural stone or concrete which could be very hard underfoot. So if you happen to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a rug can help take some of the pressure off your feet. Sisal rugs go well in both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs.

3: Multitasking pot racks

The primary purpose of a pot rack is to store pots and pans, and keep them within a reachable distance. However, with careful planning, your pot rack can also be an incredible statement piece in your kitchen. There are multiple designs in pot racks, so you will definitely find something that suits your kitchen design.

If you have a country style kitchen, then a wooden ladder rack would go well with the design. While a pot rack with industrial style goes well with a contemporary interior. Some pot racks come with additional storage spaces on top or even include integrated lighting.

4: Purple anything

Adding colours to your kitchen will transform its entire look, and 2018’s Pantone Colour of the Year is Ultra Violet.

You might initially not associate well with this colour, especially in the kitchen, but going with the unexpected might help you create something amazing altogether. It is said that the colour ultra violet communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us towards the future. It is the darker shade of purple and has a good balance of red and blue.

Consider a purple vase filled with violets or some sprigs of lavender. You can also buy purple tea towels and oven gloves.

5: Smart speakers

Smart gadgets such as Amazon echo and Google home are still trending and increasingly gaining popularity.

Over 55 per cent of people in the UK own a voice-activated smart speaker. And with their increasing popularity, we believe that these devices are going to continue gaining momentum.

The question here is, are these smart speakers a suitable kitchen accessory?

Answer is – Definitely!

With smart speakers, you can easily set timers, convert measurements, add items to your shopping cart and even get recipe ideas, everything hands-free. Also, you can simply ask your smart speaker to keep you entertained while preparing meals or washing dishes – play music, read and audiobook or catch up on the latest news.