Types of Scorpions in Arizona

It would be nice to not have to deal with scorpion for the inside of your home, that is not a reality in Arizona. There are many different types of scorpions that live in Arizona, but some are more common than others. Would you know which kind of Scorpion it was if you walked into an inside of your home? It’s important to learn the different types, because some are more dangerous than others.

Bark Scorpions

Bark scorpions are some of the most venomous scorpions in Arizona. He’s scorpions are often found inside people’s homes in Arizona. It’s easy to tell the Scorpions apart from others, by the way they rest their back half.  A bark scorpion is going to lay the back half their body flat on the ground rather than holding their tail high above their head when they are resting. If you walk into a scorpion that looks as though it has been stepped on, it is likely a bark scorpion. You need to stay far away from her scorpions, as they are venomous. If you see bark scorpions living inside of your home you need to contact a scorpion control company to come and remove them.

Stripetail Scorpion

It’s one of the most common scorpions in Arizona, you are very likely to have come into contact with one of these while you go up there. The Scorpions are yellow in color, and often have dark lines on their backs. They are usually no longer than 3 inches. All these scorpions are still dangerous, and a sting from them is going to hurt, they are not nearly as venomous as a bark scorpion.

Hairy Scorpions

You scorpions get their name quite literally, they are overly hairy. I was one of the largest scorpions in the United States, the hairy scorpion likes to make Arizona they’re gone. Like a striped tail scorpion, the Scorpions are usually a yellow color. However, they have hair all over their bodies that is usually a very dark color. To add to their already scary appearance due to the hair that they are carrying, they are also one of the largest scorpions in the United States.

Hairy scorpions actually do a great job of cleaning the other insects out of your yard. However, having too many hairy scorpions in your yard is going to prevent your family from being able to enjoy their time. Because of their size and appearance, your children are very likely to be afraid of them. You should keep your children away from hairy scorpions as their stinger still going to hurt, even though it is not nearly as venomous as a bark scorpion.

These are just a few that you may come into contact with living in Arizona. If you understand what type of scorpions are most dangerous, you’ll be better prepared to handle them when you do come in contact with them. If you happen to find bark scorpions living inside of your home, you need to contact a scorpion control company to come and remove them. Living scorpions is dangerous for your children and yourself.