Repairing Wood Windows: What You Need To Know

Let’s talk about wood windows. They’re some of the most long-lasting and resilient options for your home and most homeowners choose this material because it can stand up to the challenges of just about any region in the country.

Climate is an important factor to consider when selecting your exterior windows as it can provide the impacts of wear and tear that can lead to a deterioration of the material. But when you select the best windows for your home, you must also take into account other factors such as the amount of precipitation that falls on an annual basis, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures. All of these things can contribute to the disrepair that is often found on wood windows.

Wood also requires some routine maintenance to be performed so that your frames are kept looking and functioning their best. If you can’t devote the small amount of effort that is necessary for keeping your windows in tip top shape, then you may be a candidate for another window frame material that doesn’t make these demands on your time.

But don’t fret, a little routine maintenance is all you need to prevent your wooden windows from losing their appearance. However, even those homeowners who take every precaution and perform all of the important steps will still find that their windows need some occasional repair work done. In some instances, the question may arise as to whether it’s time to repair or replace altogether.

Before you make that decision, consider the various symptoms that can lead to your wooden frames requiring some professional attention. In many cases, the repairs are relatively easy to perform, some of which can be done by you instead of calling in the experts.

So for those homeowners who have given some thought to replacing windows in Richmond, here is what you need to know in order to help you save more money in your pocket.

Choosing Wood Frames

Besides its traditional aesthetic, long-lasting resilience, and versatility, it’s also one of the more affordable materials you can select for your exterior window frames. But with so many different types of wood on the market, your costs can increase the more luxurious and rare the wood is being used to manufacture the frames.

That makes it even more important to explore your options for repair as some of the most rare wood options can be far more expensive to replace. Not to mention that wood frames are built to last for as long as you own the home with glazing that can survive for a good twenty years before the window needs to be replaced.

Diagnosing Problems

Most of the time, wood windows develop common problems that don’t take a lot of money or effort to fix. Many of these can be fixed on your own but for more complex matters, it makes good sense to bring in a professional to do the work for you.

This determination also relies on the severity of the issue as one homeowner may need weather-stripping to fix a drafty window while another may have a much more serious problem that has lead to a gap letting air in and out.

Without further ado, here are some of the basic concerns that you need to know about when it comes to wood window frame repair needs.

Drafts and Cool Air

Your windows might begin to let a slight draft in because they don’t shut properly anymore. Maybe the frame has shifted and a gap or two has broken open. If you should discover that you have a leaky window because it won’t close tightly anymore, the solution might be something as simple as a little weather-stripping applied to window frame.

For those frames that have shifted in place and rived a crack or two in the seams, caulk is a great way to seal up those compromised areas so your windows look and feel as good as new.

Poor Functionality

You may also discover that your wooden windows just aren’t opening as easily as they once did. Whether the home is old and seen countless coats of paint or the window frame itself has lost some of its original shape, it’s usually nothing some sandpaper and putty knife can’t fix.

Just remember to go easy on the sanding as it could significantly alter the shape of the frame and you could be making a bad situation worse.

Rotting Wood

Here’s where you may need to call in an expert as rotten wood could very well signal that it’s time for a full replacement. But first you need to determine just how much of the wood has been affected. If there isn’t extensive damage, you may be able apply some simple steps for repairing the areas that have been rotted away.

However, if the rot has made its way deeper than just the surface layers of the material, then you may be looking at a more complicated repair job or a full replacement of the window. It’s always best to err on the side of caution in these matters, so if it looks pretty bad don’t try to repair something you likely can’t fix thoroughly.