Why are mice getting in my home in Wilmington Delaware?

There is simply nothing worse than having mice inside of your home. Mice are dirty and the thought of them moving through your things is stressful. Then when you stop and think about them peeing and pooping all over your floor you are most likely freaking out. Mice are no good and cause so many problems when they enter your home.

Mice smell horrible and can make your home smell terrible in no time at all. In fact, when guests comes over they will likely be able to tell that you have mice living inside of your home. There are things that you can do to keep mice outside of your home, luckily. Pointe Pest Control in Wilmington Delaware is a great company with a lot of experience in mice infestation. They can come into your home and remove the mice that have taken up residence and help you figure out why they may be living inside of your home.

How are Mice Getting in my House?

There are a lot of different ways that mice may making their way into your home. One of the most common ways they may be getting inside are outlined below:

  1. Siding Corners
  2. Foundation Cracks
  3. Gutters

You probably didn’t realize how big of gaps there are in the corners of your siding. When you have wood siding on your home you have to have trim pieces that fit around the corners of your walls to finish them. Often times, the corner pieces do not fit completely flush and mice can wiggle their way into the walls through the small cracks in the corners of your siding.

Have you noticed cracks in your foundation? Mice are sneaky little creatures and can literally make their way into your home through the smallest cracks. Foundation cracks are one of a mouse’s favorite ways into your home. It only takes a small crack for mice to enter into your home.

Do you have gutters on your home? There are often small openings near where your gutters were installed. You probably will not know about these small openings unless you go and investigate where your gutters were attached. Mice will crawl up and through the gutters searching for a way into your home.

Mice are sneaky and will do anything to get inside of your home. Pointe Pest Control can send an expert to your home in Wilmington to discover where the mice are entering your home and help your remove them from your space so you can go back to living stress free.