The Cool Kids are Moving to Pittsburgh

Just ask the millennials – the cool kids are relocating. Those between 18-34 years old (aka millennials) are constantly looking to one up their lives by searching for better cities, better jobs, better money. It’s why millennials are known for being more migrant making up 43% of movers in the US. Moreover, according to multiple sources including Time, one of the places they are moving to is Pittsburgh. And, it is easy to see why.

Because it is affordable

The cost of living in Pittsburgh is significantly cheaper than other big cities. Young millennials favor cities, but the high cost of living in metropolitan areas is hard to maintain long term. Therefore, the Steel City is appealing to this generation. Millennials can live in a big city and still afford rent (or to even buy a home).

Because it has job opportunities

Pittsburgh also has a steady job market with opportunities in several different markets. For instance, several job sites like Glassdoor rank Pittsburgh number one for cities where it is easy to find a job. For example, major tech, banking, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing companies have headquarters in Pittsburgh.

Because it is fun

Finally, millennials are calling Pittsburgh home because, in addition to the cost of living and the job market, Pittsburgh is a fun place to work and live. With excellent restaurants and amazing breweries, the food scene is top notch. Plus, sports fans have reasons to celebrate their favorite teams all year long in this sports-loving city.

Pittsburgh locals are welcoming and loyal. When you move to Pittsburgh, you will feel right at home immediately. If like other millennials, you are ready to give Pittsburgh a try, check out Get Bellhops city guide for more information about the various neighborhoods and city culture.