Take Professional Assistance to Combat Mice Problem in Your House

Mice may appear to be fuzzy and cute, however, their presence creates stress and tension in the house. This is due to their attack on your costly furniture, and electrical wiring, which can even cause electric shock. Additionally, mice never refrain from spoiling your belongings with their feces. All this can lead to spread of serious diseases among adults and kids. This guide will brief you about things that you should do if mice invade your facility.

  • Check and Confirm Mice Problem

It is important to check if there is some nest, which mice have created inside your house. In most of the cases, such nests are hidden in the walls, in garage and in attic etc. At times, it gets difficult to identify if mice problem is even present in house or not. One of the easy signs is droppings. Make sure that you take extra precautions while clearing mice droppings. This will include wearing masks and gloves while clearing droppings and then disinfecting the area. In addition to this, if there are chewed up packages of food items, or books etc., it’s a clear sign that mice have invaded your facility.

  • Start “Mouse-Proofing” Your Facility

It is not easy to get rid of mice. They can enter your home through tiny gaps, holes and cracks. Such cracks and holes need not to be larger, only if they are equivalent to the size of a pencil, mice can easily get in. Hence, first step is to inspect your house and check the areas from where mice can enter. For this, inspect corners, foundation, stairs and other places having small crevices.

Once you find common entrance places for mice, close them with wire mesh. To close holes inside your facility, you can use caulk and steel wool to seal the holes. Mice can easily chew most of the materials including cardboard, hence make sure that you put steel or iron wire to close the holes.

  • Take Professional Assistance

If even after wasting your time and energy on so many DIY solutions, you are unable to get rid of the mice, it is advisable to take professional assistance. Pest control service providers have experience in handling every type of mice problem in the house. They charge somewhere around $100 to $900 depending upon the size of the facility and the services you’re availing and severity of mice invasion. Most of the pest control service providers take inspection of the facility before starting to work. However, it is important that while hiring a pest control service, you look for the best option.

This means that the chosen service provider should have expertise in handling every type of mice invasion. You can check customer feedback online to see if you’re really hiring the best pest control service provider. Success rate of pest control service is the key indicator of the service quality. You can ask them the way they will adopt to cater the problem, guarantee, if any and about the follow-up visits.


Hope this guide will help you to combat the mice problem in your house.


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