Staging a house

It’s almost a given today to stage a home for an advantageous sale. Staging a house really means to showcase your home to its best advantage, making it easier for the buyer to see its potential. Our sense of belonging is enhanced not by an empty building but in a building with soul. If you’re selling your house, you can give the building some soul with some well-thought out pieces and plans.

As a first step, think about what parts of the house or which room you’d like to stage. Once you’ve decided that, put away the things you wouldn’t want potential buyers to see. Things that may have sentimental value to you will mean nothing to the others. They might only see a shabby sofa where you see memories. Better to preserve them in their beautiful state so you can go back for them once the staging is done.

An easy way to keep your things safe and stored well is by renting storage units Mount Vernon. It can be rented for as sort or as long a period as you want. Put your things here and rest assured that they are alright as you go about the business of staging your home.

No matter which room you decide to stage, know that visitors come to that room from the outside. Making the façade, both the front and back, attractive is vital for a successful staging. Take a look at the backyard. If you’ve had an eventful summer, then the barbeque pit must have tales to tell. Clean it and the areas around it well. Put the furniture in order, clean the swimming pool and free it off leaves and other debris. Once done, your backyard will be ready to welcome any visitors to your home.

Move to the front of the house now. A lawn that is trimmed and green makes a great first impression. As does a polished mailbox and name board. If you’re looking to do a simple paint job, then why not a cheerful colour for the front door? It can be just the welcoming sign that your potential buyer may be looking for. A shabby front door is an indication that the house is not looked after as much as it needs to be, even if that’s not really the case. So spend some time straightening that listing porch, fixing the broken step, replacing the cracked paving stones and tending to the garden. Look at the roof as well. If some tiles need replacing, do so. Clean the storm drains and rainwater gutters and if possible, a simple paint job might be a good idea too.

Regarding the extent of the house that should be staged, it depends on you completely. If you’d like to show just the living room and kitchen, that’s fine. Though, guests may want to see bedrooms and bathrooms as well. If you don’t want to show your den or the secondary living room, then there’s no need to. It all depends on you.

Staging a house is not always an easy decision. But if it ensures the best possible price for your property, then you should give it a serious thought.