Preparing to Launch Your New Home Business Venture

There are a number of steps any new businessperson should make before opening doors and welcoming in the clients.  First, you should prepare proper identification materials.  You best form of advertising – other than satisfied customers – is your own identification.  Have a logo printed on letterhead, envelopes, identification cards and stationary to spread your name to prospective customers.  Contract to have a design you feel identifies your firm and service to others.  Have a stamp made, and have your logo and name copyrighted to prevent them from being swiped by an unscrupulous competitor.

Contract with Deluxe for Business to have a supply of cards, letterhead, envelopes and stationery produced.  Use a Groupon promo code to take advantage of some of their current discounts, like a Groupon coupon sale offering a 40% discount on a first order of business forms.  A business office seems to look more professional when the stationary all displays the firm name and address.  See that you have a good supply of business cards; make it a firm policy never to always have an identification card or palm card to hand out. It is frightening to guess how many possible deals or contracts went by the wayside simply due to the absence of a 3 x 5 piece of cardboard.


You should plan the space in your home that will exclusively be dedicated to business operation, management and storage.  Don’t fall into the trap of using different sections of your home for one aspect of your business or another.  Too many times a business has been viewed as “shoddily run” because the entrepreneur keeps the records in one part of the house, their writings and finance materials in another, and their actual production work in a third location.  Everything related to your business operation, management and supply should be consolidated in a single location.  The IRS will judge you harshly if it’s not.

Finally, make certain your business has the best communications system you can afford.  Communications is literally the lifeblood of a business; it is impossible to successfully meet customer needs when you have suspect communications.  Phone, computer, fax, and internet should be working at all times.  Find a computer tech you trust and keep them as your ace in the hole.  Since no business can succeed with shoddy communications try using the suggestions above as a guide towards ensuring a promising start for your venture.

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