My Experience While Staging My Home

I had a nice house in a nice location but since our family was becoming bigger the house started seeming smaller. We were forever moving things for want of space and one day we decided to sell our home and move to a bigger one. We found a new house that we really loved but to buy that we needed to sell this home. I thought that it would be easy to sell a home which is in a lovely neighbourhood but I was wrong; buying a house is comparatively easier than selling a house. There are a lot of things you need to do to sell your home and it was an experience I will never forget. It was a lesson in marketing and I would like to share my experiences here:

  • The prospective buyer would find fault regardless of how the house is and the most important lesson is to ensure that the buyer does not get the opportunity to find fault with your house.
  • The curb is the first thing that a buyer will see and hence it needs to be neat and clean. If you have a lawn ensure that it is mowed and the leaves are raked. If you use your lawn like a dump yard it would be a good idea to search Bing for storage units near me and find a nice storage unit to keep your things there.
  • The driveway can also be made better by placing flowering plants in pots along the periphery; it will add some much needed colour to the exteriors of your house.
  • The living room needs to look spacious with lot of light and air. To achieve this you need to keep the drapes and windows open. You should also remove excess furniture from the living room, this way the room will look bigger that it actually is, plus the buyer can visualize living there with the furniture they have. You can use the same storage facility to keep your excess furniture.
  • The kitchen and bathroom need to be neat and clean without any issues such as water dripping from faucets or broken tiles. These are small repairs which you can get done easily but will get you good returns. You should also ensure that all the kitchen appliances are in working condition. Remember that the buyer is looking for faults and if he or she finds that even one appliance is not working or if a faucet is dripping they will try to use it as an excuse to get you to lower your asking price.