Making sure your lawn looks its best

Lawn Management and Proper Seeding

There is a lot to consider when fall rolls around every year. What should you use to decorate, what will your kids be for Halloween, where are you going to fit everyone for Thanksgiving? While you’re busy worrying about all of this throughout the fall, your lawn is wondering if it’s going to make it through the winter. More often than not, homeowners fail to ensure that their lawns are properly cared for. It can seem like a daunting task at first but with the proper tools and know-how, seeding your lawn and preparing it for the cold can be as simple as taking out the trash or pouring a cup of coffee.

Let’s take a look at a few simple steps that you can take to make sure that your lawn looks its best year round and without the help of an expensive landscaping service run by strangers.

Fixing a patchy lawn

It can be difficult for your lawn to survive the summer due to the excessive heat, too much water from running sprinklers, and of course the children. Because of this, the time fall rolls around your lawn can be in a state of disrepair that’s a bit too much to look at. Luckily for you, you have the knowledge and the power to turn your lawn back into a champion worthy of any home owner’s association award. Let’s take a look at a few small steps that can be taken to not only repair the damage done to your lawn but also prepare it for the long winter ahead. The first thing to do within the first few weeks of fall is prepare the top layer of soil for a seeding.

Using a stiff metal rake or another hand tool to loosen the top layer of soil so that the seeds you’re about to plant have a better chance of building stronger roots to take hold. What helps here is a high-grade grass seed combined with a fertilizer and topsoil of equal quality. This ensures that the grass will grow pretty much anywhere assuming you provide the proper care. Here’s a quick list of steps for preparation

  • A tool to loosen the top layer
  • High-quality grass seeds
  • High-quality fertilizer
  • Topsoil (optional)
  • Proper care

Making sure your lawn looks great after winter

The most important reason to make sure that your lawn is properly seeded and cared for in the fall is to ensure it survives the winter. The three months before winter offers an ideal mixture of warm soil and air that’s just the right temperature for proper germination. The grass seeds will be able to take deeper roots under these circumstances and deeper roots, of course, mean a thicker and greener lawn in the long run. Another thing to consider when preparing your lawn for winter is the presence of dog urine.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your dog or your neighbors, the salt in their urine will kill that patch of grass almost immediately. Now, there are special products for this kind of thing and because of the nature of the chemical compounds, almost any brand will work. It’s a simple matter of salt neutralizers that are usually comprised of gypsum and calcium sulfate. These two replace the salt in the grass from the urine with calcium and sulfur. It might smell bad but your lawn will certainly look better for it.

There it is, now you can face the winter head on and get back to worrying about things that truly matter like the holidays, your family, and working off the holiday weight.

Author Bio : Sarah works for Yourgreenpal and she loves gardens and lawn care.