How to Ensure That Your Edmonton Windows Are Installed Properly

Currently, there are numerous windows manufacturing and installation companies in Edmonton that claim that they will do a thorough job for you. However, the truth is that not all the companies will do a good job, with regards to window installation. The performance of the newly installed Edmonton widows will partly depend on how well they were installed. Though you might have purchased the best windows replacement option to help conserve energy in your home, a poor installation will render the window panes ineffective in energy conservation. This implies that you need to be very cautious when having your windows installed to ensure that you get the best installation services possible. In this regard, here are a couple of things that you need to consider while having windows installed.

Check Out the Window Part Being Replaced

This is essential because some companies will promise to replace the entire window and end up replacing some parts. This type of installation, the one where only parts of a window are replaced, is referred to as a retrofit window replacement. This will significantly impact on the performance and working of the newly installed window. If you have paid for a full-frame replacement, you should ensure that the company has replaced all the window parts, including jambs, brick moulds and the frame. While this type of installation may be a bit costly, it is actually the best type of windows installation. If a retrofit installation is used, the faults of the previous window will still persist, for instance, if the frame of the previous window was allowing moisture into the house, the problem will persist even with the newly installed window pane, if the frame was not replaced.

Check Out for the Following Faults during Installation

Although the Edmonton Windows installation professionals installing your window are probably trained, they may still make some mistakes that will impact on the effectiveness of the newly installed windows. So, what mistakes should you look out for?

  • Stains and Dirt On the Glass

During the installation process, the professionals will use an array of caulking, cleaning agents and glues. As such, you may notice some smudges or stains on the window glass after installation. During the post-installation inspection, you should look out for these. If such exist, it is the obligation of the installer to clean up the spots.

  • Partial or Messy Caulking

This is another area where some window installation experts tend to go wrong. This is the stuff that is applied on the outer perimeter of the newly installed glass. In a way, caulking forms the initial barrier against weather elements for the inner side of walls. Even though the caulking on the windows may appear to have been applied evenly, it could be having perforations. After installation, you should allow caulking a couple of days to dry and settle fully. You should then inspect it for gaps and holes. If such exist, you should call the installer to rectify the fault.

Windows replacement is not a cheap undertaking. As such you should always ensure that you get the best value for your money. As such, you should only opt for the Edmonton Windows installation professionals who guarantee satisfactory work for all installations, such as Windows Doors Mart.