Five Easy Tips to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Pollution is spreading through the planet like a virus. “The Power to Be” is not doing anything to climate change and pollution problems. Some parts of the world are already polluted to the level that people are wearing a mask just not to breathe the polluted air. If you are living in the major cities, then the air you are breathing while being outside is most probably polluted. All that cars, industrial zones, buildings, all of them release some kind of air pollution and the output is polluted air which needs to be filtered if you are prone to allergies or have some respiratory problems.

Here are five tips you can do to have fresh air in your home:

  1. Buy Air Purifier

Do not think, go out and buy one. Shut down all windows and put the air purifier to the maximum speed. Make sure you get an air purifier with true HEPA filter which is capable of removing 99.97% of pollution in the air. The best air purifier is the one that has the true HEPA filter.  After a couple of hours, you will start noticing the fresh air in the room, and you will never ever open windows and let the polluted air come to your room. If the government doesn’t care about the air you are breathing, then you should care and buying an air purifier is the number one option.

  1. Clean Rooms and Circulate Air

If for some reason you don’t want to buy an air purifier then you should take a rag and start wiping the room. Make sure all the dust is cleaned, and after that, you need to circulate the air through the room. Open windows and let the dust go out. Unfortunately, if you are living in the industry zone maybe opening windows is not a good idea because you may let in the worse air than it is already in the room.

  1. Remove Moisture and Destroy Mold

In humid areas, mold or mildew may grow, and that nasty fungus will release spores that will pollute the air. If you are having respiratory problems, the mold spores may trigger reactions, and you will need to seek help. So make sure moisture is regularly removed and that no mold is grown. Especially check kitchen, basement, and bathroom for the mold or mildew. If the mold or mildew is there, then the spores are already in the air, and you will need to use one or two methods to destroy spores. If you own air purifier, then you are lucky, because an air purifier is a good device to fight mold.

  1. Place Some Plants

Some plants are good at removing gases and other toxins from the air. And in general, every plant will bring fresh air rich with oxygen in the room. But to fight toxins and gases that are unwanted in the home, you should get one of the following plants: English Ivy, Dwarf Date Palm, Tulips, Orchids, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Rosemary and many others. My favorite is without a doubt Lavender. Lavender may lower carbon dioxide levels in the room and without a doubt will remove all bad smells from the room. Lavender smell is sweet and has a calm effect on the people. That why it is used in cosmetics

  1. Stop Smoking and Watch How You Cook

If you have a smoker in the house, you should make him smoke outdoors or if the smoker is unable to go out for whatever reason then get an air purifier and place it right under his nose when he is smoking. The air purifier has the power to remove smoke, and if you put it right under the source, the smoke will not be spread through the house. Same can be said for the cooking. If you burn your food down, you need to instantly remove that smoke because in a second whole room can be under the bad smell. You can get use of an air purifier even in this situation by placing it in the kitchen.


Buying an air purifier is an ideal thing for every home, but I understand that not many families can afford one. Because of that go with the air flow, regular cleaning of the house and thorough cooking. Make sure you never burn your food. Placing plants is another good option for everyone on a low budget. Not only will plants make your air cleaner but they will also bring the new decor to the room.


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