There are many questions in our mind when it comes to windows replacement. Most of the homeowners have drawn a conclusion that Vinyl Windows Replacement is the ideal choice. But there are several types of Vinyl Windows available. So the next question could be what to choose?

Several factors are taken into consideration while buying Vinyl Windows online or making a selection from the market.

  • Types of Vinyl Windows (Single Hung, Double Hung, Awning, Bay, Bow etc.,)
  • Number of windows to be replaced
  • Special features
  • Total cost

Ample amount of light, fresh air and ventilation should be accessible and that is the type of windows that we usually look for. Single Hung Windows and Double Hung Windows are the best available options.

Single Hung Windows: The bottom sash moves vertically upwards and the upper sash remains stationary. When we slide up the bottom panel, it is slightly obstructed by upper panel.

The advantage of having these windows is that, they are cost effective. Since only one sash is movable and they tend to be weather resistant.

Features unfavorable are: The upper sash is immovable leading to insufficient ventilation. Maintenance is slightly difficult as the upper sash cannot be thoroughly cleaned especially if it is built on higher floors.

Though it is cost effective during replacement, it would compensate the entire saved cost to be given away to the window cleaning company. One would have to call them up several times in the year to do the maintenance.

Vinyl Windows offers and discounts would be available but it would purely depend on the homeowners if they would buy these windows. Single Hung windows would become cost effective when it is matter of installing several windows at a time.

Double Hung Windows:

These windows are almost 10 – 20% costlier that single hung windows. The windows are designed to allow home owners to open both the sash. This design ensures better ventilation and flow of fresh air. This is ideal type when one has kids running in the house. The upper sash can be kept open and the lower one can be closed to ensure safety for kids and still keeping the room ventilated

As one can operate both sashes, cleaning and maintenance can be done by home owners themselves. Even when they are not at the ground level, the sashes can be tilted inwards or outwards and the cleaning can be made. They need not hire window cleaning agents and that is how they can be known as cost effective too.

Thought, it is not a matter of installing just one or two windows, one must consider the cost for installing Double Hung Windows for the entire house. Many homeowners have preference for Double Hung Windows over Single Hung Windows. The reason being that they are energy efficient and maintenance can be done at home level. Over a long period of time, Double Hung Windows could become more cost effective as it would pay for itself on a long run.

The makers of Vinyl Windows do offer discounts. One should carefully study the need of the type of window in their house. Usually our living room, dining area or a bedroom needs to be ventilated; hence one can opt for Double Hung Windows. Whereas some areas like bathrooms or store room can have Single Hung Windows. Carefully studying the need of the type of window needed, one can choose wisely and make it cost effective.