Creating A Personal Space

When you’re remodeling your teen daughter’s bedroom, think about function and the design that she likes. There are numerous ideas that home renovation contractors can help with before the painting and other work begins. Get your daughter’s input as well so that she will have a space that she enjoys instead of a bedroom that you like. Bright colors can make a small room seem larger than it really is, which can help if the bedroom doesn’t have a lot of space to begin with. Add colorful art to the walls for depth along with a blanket and pillows in bright colors for accents.

If your daughter enjoys bright colors, then consider a cheerful room that is filled with yellow and one other accent color. Paint half of the wall white and the lower half yellow or the accent color, such as teal or raspberry. A hardwood floor or carpeting that is a lighter color works well with this design. Add other colors with the accessories in the room, such as a pillow on the bed or a chandelier light.

Design a room in zones. Your teen likely won’t play with toys, but the room can feature different zones for sleeping, watching television, reading a book or doing homework. This will make the room seem more personal instead of like a typical bedroom where she will sleep at night. One way that you can divide the room is to use rugs that are different patterns or colors, but make sure they blend well together. A desk can be placed against one wall with the bed in the middle of the room and a comfortable chair and ottoman in a corner.

If there’s not enough room in the home, then your daughter might have to share a room with her sister. This is an idea that can work if you create individual space for each girl. A hardwood floor or carpet in a neutral color would work well with a rug in a different color that each girl likes. Divide the room with a long dresser. Put initials over each bed to keep spaces as personal as possible. Allow your girls to design each half of the room the way that they want instead of just putting two beds in the room with a few decorations.

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