Budget Methods to Make Fabric Sofa Look New Again

Every homeowner dreams of how a home can become a paradise. Well, the starting point is the sofa. Your sofa set occupies the central part of the house that helps to define the entire house décor and its theme. Today, many people have decided to connect with nature in the most unique way; buying and installing reclaimed sofa.

The vintage sofa is stronger and yields a unique sense of connection with nature that no other piece can deliver. For most people, the rustic outlook of the 50’s create a unique throwback that makes them want to be home immediately after work. Now, prop the space with special lighting and wall art, and it will become a true paradise right here on earth. But the reclaimed furniture can easily lose its allure. Note that this does not necessarily have to do with how you use the fabric sofa.  The following are five budget ways to help make the fabric sofa look new again.

Make sure to regularly clean the vintage sofa

The first and perhaps, most important way to restore the original allure of your fabric sofa is cleaning it. Like other furniture, it is important to be extra vigilant and note when dirt catches the sofa and remove it immediately. In addition, you should ensure to vacuum the sofa as regularly as you clean the carpet. Remember to also use the right cleaning material for the Gatsby Sofa.

Change your behavior about using the fabric vintage sofa

How you use the fabric sofa can easily plunge it into a sad state. For example, if you take the habit of eating food on the sofa, food parties that fall on its surface can easily stain and damage it. Therefore, consider changing personal behavior on how you use the sofa.

  • Consider adopting a habit of not eating food on the sofa.
  • No smoking in the living room.
  • No jumping on the sofa.

However, this should be a personal call. For example, if you really feel enthralled to enjoy meals when relaxing on the sofa, consider placing a towel on it to prevent spillovers.

Fix the saggy cushions and straighten them on the vintage sofa

After sitting on the sofa, the cushions can get a saggy and unsightly appearance. This can get worse especially for those who rarely alternate the cushions of the sitting position. In most reclaimed sofa pieces, you can easily restore the piece to pristine outlook by straightening the cushions. Simply lift the cushions, align them, and put them in different positions. They will look more revitalized and appealing.

Cover the vintage sofa with nice pillows

This is probably the easiest method of updating the sofa that has started becoming boring. Special pillows help to introduce new meaning, themes, and value. They are also very helpful especially when you need to transform the room in a short notice. To get it right with pillows on your reclaimed sofa, it is advisable to rethink about what you love and go for it.

  • Consider going for a perfect match between the pillows, fabric sofa and other installations.
  • Use the pillows to bring out the complete contrast with the background.
  • Depending on personal preferences, you can mix up everything from colors, patterns and pillow sizes.

Consider buying a slipcover on the vintage sofa

If you are unsure about the way to go about revitalizing a vintage sofa, consider using a slipcover. These are special covers designed to take the shape of the sofa and give it a completely new outlook. If the cover is selected well, it will appear like you have just bought a new Viscount Williamson sofa. To drive the thrill to an even higher level, consider changing the house lighting, area rug, and wall art when introducing a new slipcover.