Birch hardwood flooring and its Fantastic Features

Yellow birch and sweet birch are the two forms most commonly used for flooring, although silver birch is also used to a lesser degree. The color of birch, however, varies from white to yellow to reddish brown; birch has been used in United Sates for a wide variety of purposes. To cover canoe frames, the birch has been used by the Native Americans for a long time. The birth tree is the most popular tree in the United States; White House is also surrounded by several birch trees to glorify the building.

Birch hardwood flooring was quite popular because of its durability and easy access in that area. The wood from the birch tree is long used in the manufacturing of wooden materials. It is also used in making handles, cradles, wooden flooring and spools. The durability of the birch wood is incredible as compared to hardwood; it is incredibly strong and easy to work with flooring. It is used in flooring most commonly; it is slightly less strong than the red oak wood.

It is easy to screw, nail and glue the birch wood in almost any room in the house. The yellow birch is used for hardwood flooring which is the greatest choice for the elegant homeowners. It is lighter than other forms of wood, and sweet birch is also preferred for a darker color. As compared to many other forms of hardwood, birch is more water resistant; it is the most suitable material for the foyers and kitchen. In the bathroom, however, extreme care must be given to the birch. Birch is not recommended for those areas where constant water supply is dampening the surface.

The light and dark colors of birch planks make a lovely design that suits contemporary settings; it is possible to achieve any hard look with birch due to being easily stained. The integrity and beauty of the birch wood floors can only be maintained due to proper care and maintenance.  If mats are used to cover the floors, then it would provide the good covering for long lasting durability. It is less prone to wear and tear as compared to hardwood. For preventing erosion, the best choice is birch wood flooring.

Vacuuming the floors and regularly sweeping would make the birch floor settings more durable. It provides more natural appeal and visual looks than most forms of wood. With other types of common hardwoods, the pricing is compatible also. There are three most common types of birch wood within the birch family, i.e., paper birch, yellow birch and sweet birch. People who the color variation will find the birch wood flooring more attractive mixed with the brown and dark red tones.

The fourth type of birch is not so popular that is known as the flamed birch; it provides a kind of a visual shimmer which looks like waves of flames or tongues. This attribute is also known as the curly birch which is found in other woods like the maple tree.

If we compare the cost with the hardwood, the cost of birch wood flooring falls from average to lower. It is less costly than maple or oak wood flooring. The color distinction of birch makes it more prominent than the maple wood. Birch hardwood flooring will never disappoint you.

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