4 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Old Carpet

Homeowners who choose to recycle old carpet do so because they know that carpets do not belong in landfills. That’s because they are comprised of a series of fibers that do not break down when placed in a landfill, making them a toxic hazard to the environment.

Not to mention all of the various chemicals that are incorporated into the manufacturing processes of nearly every style of carpet on the market today. These are also a very good reason not trash your old carpet when the new version is installed.

You have options to consider when it comes time to throw away your old floor coverings, all you need to do is get a little creative about how and where you decide to use that material. Besides, you don’t really want to roll up that old, faded carpet and lug it out of your house or apartment and leave it up to the sanitation crew to heave into the back of their truck.

Why not take advantage of all the potential uses that you might be able to enjoy now that you have all of that square footage of material just lying there waiting to be re-purposed. The good news is, just about any type of carpet is recyclable and while those fibers won’t break down in a landfill, you can break down your floor covering for any number of inventive ideas.

We place nearly four billion pounds of carpeting materials into landfills on an annual basis and it’s not only hurting our environment but wasting a resource that still has plenty of usefulness left in it. Don’t let your old carpet go to waste, here are four ways you can get rid of your old carpet without sticking into the ever-growing acreage of landfill in this country.

But before you do anything with your old carpet, give it a good cleaning. Prior to having it torn up and removed, give Massey’s Chem-Dry a call to professionally clean your current carpet as that will prepare it for safe use in any number of ways. When your old carpet is clean, it’s easier to do other things with it.

1. Give it New Purpose

Your carpet has plenty of uses left, regardless of the amount of wear and tear it may have sustained over time. Even the most damaged floor covering can be re-purposed for additional uses once it’s been removed from the floor.

All you need to do is think outside the box and consider how you can give that old carpet some new life. Some ideas are obvious, you can use it as a covering or insulation for things like pipes or a dog house. You can even use it for it’s original purpose as a rug but place it out front of your doorstep as a welcome mat or behind your front door as a doormat to clean off your shoes when you or your guests walk in.

Cutting up the rug to be used in a variety of different ways keeps it out of the landfills while you continue to get your money’s worth from it as well.

2. Recycling Your Carpet

If you really can’t find any uses for your old carpet, you can opt to recycle it in more traditional ways. There are various recycling centers that accept old carpeting to convert it into other products and items.

If you aren’t sure which recycling centers near you are willing to take in your old carpets, reach out to your retailer and/or installer who is putting in your new carpet. For some of these locations, you may be facing a small recycling fee (this isn’t like turning in your cans and bottles). But don’t worry, it’s not an exorbitant fee, running you anywhere from a nickel to a quarter per pound to recycle your old carpet materials.

3. Making a Sale

It may sound strange but there might be people who are interested in purchasing your old carpet. That’s not to say you’ll have multiple buyers pounding down your door eager to take it, but if the floor covering is still in good shape and it’s clean, you could put it up for sale. This way you can make recoup some of your costs on your old carpeting and keep it out of a landfill at the same time.

4. Giving it Away

Okay, so maybe that Craigslist ad didn’t get many responses. You can still get that carpet out of your home the responsible way by simply donating it to a local charity who may have uses for it that you don’t have around the house. But just keep in mind you’ll have an easier time unloading it if the carpet is in good shape.

Depending on how much you give away and the current value of the material at the time of the donation, it might bring you a nice tax deduction and you can feel good knowing you helped others in some way.