Unique Interior Design Hacks to Update Your Home

As the new years begins, you may be busy creating new years resolutions for every aspect of your life. It’s important to include your home in this list. After all, who doesn’t want their home to seem fresh and new in the new year?

However, interior design isn’t always easy, and it can be overwhelming to decide where to start. To give you some inspiration, here are some unique interior design hacks that will upgrade your home in a snap.

Take inspiration from nature

While 2018 was the year of modernized tech in the home, 2019 will bring more of a nature-inspired look and feel. Green is having a popular moment this year, so don’t be afraid to use as many hues as you’d like all over your home. Light green can be used interchangeably as a neutral, and royal green is a bold color for an accent piece of furniture like a couch or an armchair. Also, go ahead and actually bring nature into your home by investing in a few gorgeous plants to use as accent pieces in your decor.

Don’t be afraid of mixing metals

While mixing metals may go against everything you traditionally believe in, embrace the beauty of something different. Choosing mixed metals can really add a “pop” to a room, as long as the rest of the decor is kept neutral. Rose gold, silver, copper, and bronze are all great choices to use as hardware, plumbing fixtures, lightswitch covers, and drawer handles.

Hang curtains higher

Higher curtains are great for those who want to make a room seem larger. Take sheer or light colored curtains and hang them at the top of the ceiling, and let them drape until they skim the floor. Doing so will make the room look open, airy, and bright. Just try to choose a fabric that is gauzy and light for the best effect.

Try a different approach for pictures

Gone are the days of traditional photo frames, and this year is the time for canvas prints. Uploading your photos to create canvas prints online is a unique way to show off your family memories. You’re able to create different sizes for your needs, and putting these bright canvases on your wall adds a pop of texture and depth to any room.

Invest in wall-mounted lights

Every inch matters when decorating, no matter the size of your home. Save up some space by installing your lights on the wall, like a sconce. When you do so, you’ll add some extra drama and create an unique look for when guests come calling.

Pick unique seating

You want your guests to be awe-inspired when they walk into your home, so give them something fun to sit on. If you don’t do anything else in a specific room, choose unique seating to add a fun punch to your interior design. Think fuzzy chairs, velvet settees, plush ottomans, or even luxe chaise lounges.

Choose little tables

Large side and coffee tables can seem clunky and overwhelming. Bypass this by choosing smaller, tiered options. Doing so will give you a more modern, spacious feel, with an additional bonus of giving you more storage.

Buy a larger rug than you think you need

Next time you go shopping for rugs, measure your seating space and they buy one size up. Having a larger area rug makes a room look spacious and more inviting. This works best when you choose one in a loud print or bright color.

Next time you are decorating, think of these small but mighty hacks to create a living space that is all yours.