Making the most of corner cupboards

Corner cupboards are often the worst part of the kitchen. They’re awkwardly positioned, often too deep and dark to be useful, and generally just difficult to use. But it is something that must just be dealt with because corners are not going away.

There are a few ways to ease the uneasiness of finding something in the corner, one of which is to get a light in there. A simple strip of LED lights inside the cupboard will make a big difference by lighting up the hidden goods that have been pushed to the back.

Don’t keep the things you often use in the corner cupboard. Keep the non-essentials such as the chrismas cookie cutters, and your inherited antique teacup set in there.

If you insist on regularly using your corner cupboard, install a lazy susan. Having a rotating table in your corner cupboard will make things a little more accessible. This is handy to store pots and food containers on. Alternatively, use your corner cupboard as a large pull out spice rack, drawers or a wine rack. This way you never have to crawl on your hands and knees to reach into the corner again.

If you are installing a new kitchen or revamping your existing kitchen, make use of bifold hinges. There are various types on the market and some open further than others. The further a door can open, the easier it is to see inside the cupboard and get to things.

You can make doors swing, slide or stagger with the correct combination of hinges. What is important here is to choose quality hinges. Staggered and wide opening doors put a lot of strain on hinges, so install the best quality you can.

On top of quality hinges be sure that you use quality products throughout your entire kitchen. There is no use in spending money on quality hinges and using materials with inferior screw holding capabilities. For good quality wood panel products look at PG Bison’s product range – you won’t be disappointed.