Home Renovation: 7 Ways To Make Your  New Home Inviting After Moving In

It’ll always take more time before you really feel at home at your new place. Even if you’re done unpacking, sometimes, a feeling of newness might prevent you from feeling comfortable and relaxed. Luckily, there are ways to make your new space feel like home.

If you’re looking to make your new place inviting after moving, here are the tips that you should consider from the very beginning.

  1. Keep your new home clean.

It feels more relaxing in a place that’s clean and free from clutter. That said, making your new home inviting after your move means keeping it clean. You need to start with maintaining your living space sanitized to feel genuinely relaxed. However, you need to make an effort to do this before it gets out of your hand. Vacuum the floors and other surfaces, wipe down all the windows and tabletops, and more importantly, wash your towels and sheets. By doing all of these, you can keep your place clutter-free and refreshing.

  1. Add a cozy glow with your lighting.

If you want to make your living space warm, adding lighting fixtures that provide a soft glow can be a perfect option. Fill in the place with installations that stimulate relaxation. Swap out the old lighting around you with something that’s cozier and softer. For instance, put some well-lighted lamps in your living room or bedroom to provide an adequate amount of warmth and glow. Also, you can introduce tealights or candles for an instant cozy effect in your new home.

  1. Be organized.

Your ability to make your new place feel like home has something to do with functionality. This means you have to be smart with your storage solutions. Keep your living space clutter-free by using copper bins, an industrial-style unit, or stylish baskets. These storage options can be an excellent substitute for a pile of drawers. With this kind of storage, you’re giving all your stuff a place of its own that makes your room feel more beautiful. Save yourself from excessive clutter to transform your home into an inviting and refreshing one.

  1. Introduce greenery into your space.

Flowers and plants are an excellent addition to your new home. They are known for positively affecting your mood and minimizing your stress. Thus, it’s a good idea to add some houseplants to improve the overall ambiance of your new home. Look for some flowers and plants that give you a sustainable nature in your place. For example, fresh flowers, pot herbs, and other low-maintenance houseplants can be some of the ideal options. You just need to ensure these plants can survive a few days or weeks even if you forget to water them.

  1. Display some artwork pieces.

Having an exhibit of artwork pieces can be a great way to add a personal element to your new place. If you want to give your space a life after moving in, create a list of all the things that add a unique personality to it. These things might be a family portrait, family weavings, painting, and sculptures.

If these artwork pieces make you smile when you see them, don’t hesitate to give these things a special place in your home. You can place them on the table or a bookshelf, or you can have them attached to the wall. By doing this, you provide your guests with a good sense of what beautiful is when they pass by your door. To make sure all your valuable art pieces are dispatched safely from or within New York City, contact Movers NYC for assistance.

  1. Incorporate spa-specific details into your new home.

If you’re looking for a comfortable dwelling place after moving, why not take some inspiration from a place where you usually get relaxed – the spa. Introduce candles, aromatherapy diffusers, and other spa materials to give your new home a better sense of homey-ness. This will not only make you comfortable, but it’ll also make your new home an inviting one for your guests.

  1. Invest in furniture.

You know how boring space is without pieces of furniture. Thus, even if you have a fresh coat of paint, a living room without a sofa or couch can surely make it dull. If you want to feel comfortable and homely in your new home after moving, add furniture as well as soft furnishings. You can also place additional cushions or blankets to surround the whole area in softness.


When you’ve just moved into a new house, it’s vital to make your surroundings more inviting. So, follow the tips mentioned in this article and provide an atmosphere of comfort throughout your new space. Also, if you want to surround yourself with all the things that make you happy and relaxed after moving, there are several professional moving companies NYC that can safely transport all your possessions to your new home.