Simple Hacks to Keeping a Home Clean and Organized

Keeping a home clean shouldn’t be hard. One little thing can go a long way. With a few cleaning hacks, you can get your dream house clean and look beautiful. There’s no need to waste hours of your time to keep your home sparkling. To make the job easier for you, we have created a list of tips for home improvement hacks.

1. Organize snacks with a shoe organizer

For snacks, use a plastic shoe organizer and keep it in the pantry. In doing so, you cut down on the boxes that you put in your pantry so you can utilize more of the space.

2. Dust using a dryer sheet

Usually, we use dusters to dust the house. However, this only makes the dust disperse and not eradicate it. In due time, these specks of dust will settle onto the furniture. By using dryer sheets, you ensure that all the clouds of dirt on top of the cabinets and appliances are eradicated.

3. Use vinegar to clean the toilet

Did you know that vinegar can be used to clean the house? In fact, it is one of the best. It can kill bacteria, safe for the environment and even helps you cut down on some expenses. It works great for cleaning the toilet.

Pour some vinegar in the tank. The next time you flush, you’re sure that the toilet is getting cleaned. Plus, the bacteria go down the drain too. There’s no need for you to clean it regularly. It’s like having a toilet that auto-cleans itself. How great is that?

4. Use a lemon when you clean the bathroom

A lemon doubles as a cleaner and sponge when used in cleaning. Add some borax to boost the lemon’s scrubbing power. Scrub the room and watch as the metal faucets shine. We guarantee that you will even see your reflection on it. Yes, it’s that clean!

5. Make the windows sparkle

Are you having a hard time cleaning your windows? You just keep wiping, and it’s taking forever to make it look sparkly clean. Worry no more! Just add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to your soapy mixture.

Use that to make cleaning your windows easier. You don’t even need any squeegee for the job. The alcohol keeps the water mixture dry faster to give you a fantastic free from streaks kind of windows.

6. Washing Pillows

After some time, your pillows can get dirty. To clean that up, put them in the washing machine, two at a time. Choose the hot cycle and mix a regular detergent with one cup of bleach. Don’t forget to choose the extra rinse cycle once you start your washing machine. To keep them from losing shape, placing a few tennis balls will do the trick.


These are some of the hacks you can do to keep your house clean when you’re too busy to do it. To ensure that your house will be clean all year long, why not hire a home cleaning service? They’re the pro and will surely keep your home sparkly clean in all corners.