September 24, 2020

What you need to know about expanding your Delaware home

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People often consider home expansion as a fairly simple project. You decide what kind of expansion suits your home and you hire a company to handle it. Simple, right? Well, the reality of home expansions is a bit more complicated. Especially if you want your home expansion to be cost-effective. So, to help you out, we are going to cover some important points about expanding your Delaware home.

Before you start expanding your Delaware home

While home expansions are usually a good thing, they are also quite often a needless expense. People think that their homes are too small, and simply waste money on expanding them. It is important to note here that, while home remodeling can be efficient, it is usually quite costly. So, before you start tackling home expansion in Delaware, there are some important factors that you need to consider.

Is your home simply cluttered?

It is not uncommon for the modern man to live in a cluttered home without even realizing it. Too often we simply pile up new things and appliances, without thinking whether we actually need them. So, before you decide that your home is too small, visit websites like and learn how to deal with decluttering. You’d be surprised at how much extra room you can find in your home by simply decluttering.

Why are you expanding your Delaware home?

While having extra space in your home is universally a good thing, you would be smart to consider how you are going to use this extra space. Having an extra room to turn into a home gym or home office, requires different layout then simply adding a bit more storage room in your home. So, the sooner you figure out why you are expanding your home, the better.

Dealing with a home expansion

Once you decided that expanding your Delaware home is something that you need to tackle, you need to do so with proper care. Keep in mind that this is a complicated project and that you can easily damage your current home if you do not tackle it properly.


The first thing you will have to outline is your budget for expanding your Delaware home. To do this properly, you will need to find a contractor and see what their estimate is. To that, you will have to add storage costs and temporary housing (if it is necessary). Our advice is to also add 10% to your original estimate. Unforeseen circumstances do happen, and you’ll be happy that you have some extra money to deal with them.

Hiring the right company

How efficient and how expensive your home expansion will be is largely dependant on the company you hire to help you. Therefore, you’d be smart to spend ample time looking for a company that is best suited for your home.

To do this, we first suggest that you check out local companies in Delaware. These companies are your best bet as cost-effectiveness, as they have local connections and should be able to get quality materials at a reduced cost. Furthermore, they are familiar with home expansions requirements that are specific to Delaware, which makes them that much more suited to help you out. You should always ensure that the company in question is registered with the Better Business Bureau and that they have good online reviews. After filtering out, you should be left with a couple of decent ones. To find the best one, you will need to interview company representatives. During the interview you should ask:

  • How often does the company deal with home expansions similar to yours?
  • What was their most difficult project like.
  • Do they have any helpful advice for you, especially concerning finances?
  • What insurance can they provide and what compensation can you expect if they fail to meet the agreed timeline?

Questions like these should help you determine how reliable and experienced the company is.

Finding temporary residence (if necessary)

If you are dealing with a sizable home expansion, you may have to relocate for a short while. This is usually the case when the contractors have to deal with complicated plumbing or electric issues, and therefore have to make your home practically unhabitable. If this is the case, you first need to get quality boxes and other packing materials for your items and put them in storage. Then you need to figure out where you will stay. You can:

  • Stay with friends or family – This is viable only if you are close enough with your friends and family for them to house you. Our advice is to offer at least some monetary compensation for the time you spend with them.
  • Go on a vacation – If you can afford it, this is the ideal way to spend your time away from home. Just make sure that someone you know trusts up on the progress every once in a while.
  • Find temporary housing – If you are expanding your Delaware home during a school year, or you cannot take time off work, you will need to find temporary housing. While getting a hotel room is an option, we advise you to look for apartments as they are usually much cheaper.

Consulting about property value

Every change to your home brings a change of value. Some home improvements can substantially increase the value of your home, while others can actually reduce it. So, before you tackle the expanding your Delaware home, we advise you to consult with a real estate agent. A professional agent will be familiar with ongoing home improvement trends. Therefore, they will be able to tell you how your home expansion will affect its value. Ideally, it should increase it above the amount you pay for the actual expansion.