September 19, 2020

Tips For Moving A Piano

When you are moving a piano, it is best to hire the services of professional piano movers. If the property has staircases or an elevator, the job can prove to be even more challenging, and you need expert technicians to handle it for you. While pianos can be heavy, they are also bulky and could be oddly-shaped, making the job very difficult.

If you try to handle this task yourself with the help of friends, it can prove to be a mistake. Since you do not have the skill and training to move such heavy and unwieldy items, you may hurt your back or cause damage either to the piano for the property you are moving out of or into.

Some Tips from expert Piano Movers

Here are some tips that will help you move these valuable pieces safely from one place to another:

  • We do not recommend it, but if you are planning to handle the piano move yourself, make sure that you have more than one person to help you. Upright pianos can have quite fragile legs, and you are going to need some help with moving them.
  • It is a good idea to either rent or purchase some heavy-duty hump straps. These will provide a certain amount of grip and allow you to hold the piano and lift it more easily. Depending on the size of the piece, you may be able to use a furniture dolly.

Secure the piano to the dolly using straps and cover it with a furniture blanket. These blankets or padding will help to protect it from bumps and scratches. It’s also an excellent way to make sure that the property you are moving the piano through doesn’t get scraped or damaged in any way.

  • The keys of your piano are a crucial aspect of the feature and need proper protection while moving. Make sure that you lock the lid of the keyboard as that will help prevent it from opening during the move. If it doesn’t have a lock, flip the lid down and then wrap the piano with a furniture blanket. Make sure that the corners are adequately covered. However, do not try to secure the lid with tape as it can damage the finish of the wood.
  • It is also crucial to lift a piano correctly; make sure that you do not haul it by the legs, as these components can be quite fragile. Place the piano upright in the back of the moving truck and never on its side as that can damage the mechanism.
  • Support it against the wall of the truck and make sure that the flooring is even. If the base is not stable, place a few planks on the floor and then adjust the piano on it. This will help ensure there is no pressure on the piano itself. It’s essential to make sure that the piano is secured to the walls of the moving truck. However, keep some space for the piece to roll while the truck is moving.
  • There should also be a proper place for the piano at the new location. If that property has an elevator or stairs, you would need some help to move the piece into the house.

Once you have moved the piano to the new location, you would have to get it tuned because the internal components of pianos are very sensitive and can get maladjusted due to the movement and bumps.

Moving a piano can be time-consuming and complicated, making it a better idea to hire professional piano movers for the task.