September 19, 2020

4 Fun Ways To Update Your Home on a Budget

You have probably felt the urge to begin de-cluttering your home. Perhaps an itch to tear down a wall or get new furniture comes along at the same time. Some call the feeling spring fever, while others call it de-junking mania, but no matter what you call it, when you feel the urge to update, renovate, and change your house, the emotions are real. Here are four fun ways you can update your home on a budget.

  1. Paint

The least expensive way to change any room in your home is with a few gallons of paint. Unless you want to hire someone to do the work, it may take a weekend and lots of elbow grease to redo the room, but you will be surprised how different the look and feel of the area will be after you have applied the new paint.

  1. Lights

Light is always a welcome addition to any room in your home. By adding some new light fixtures with a few daylight bulbs, you can shine light into even the darkest corner. Think about track lighting in narrow walkways, pendants in dining areas, and cove lighting in the kitchen. Don’t forget table and desk lighting, too.

  1. Curtains

A bright pop of color can be found with a few new curtains. Choose from different styles to cover various windows in your home. Add ruffles, eyelet, or tiebacks to let your personality shine through.

  1. Plants

Nothing draws the eye like a living plant. Bringing the oxygen giving plant life indoors can help the air quality and assist your body in naturally de-stressing as well. Make sure you find the right type of greenery for the lighting in the area the potted plant will grow. Some plants require almost no light, while others need at least eight hours of direct sunlight.

You can update or renovate your home on a limited budget. All you have to do is use the four tips above. You will be amazed at your home’s transformation.