What will 2018’s trend predictions bring?

2018’s home décor trends really seem to promote embracing the “old is always new” philosophy that will make you sorry you stripped the orange paint off your grandmother’s old plant stand.

Colour trends   

We’re moving away from the famous grey era and chasing bolder, stronger shades of the eighties. These include a Barbie-like pink, primary colours like red, yellow and blue, burnt orange, mustard yellow, burgundy/Marsala, violet, turquoise, and a wide range of greens including the popular avocado green. It is also rumored that bronze as well as the black and white combo are returning too.

The introduction of these bold colours does not mean that everything you place in a room should be colourful. Try adding one or two colourful feature items such as a table or some kitchen appliances, and pair them with more neutral colours. Two tone cupboards are also predicted to be trendy in 2018 so why not add a pop of colour with some lime green or candy red drawer fronts?

Nature trends

While the grey trend of past years is definitely on its way out, the nature trend is here to stay. Add some forest-patterned wallpaper, avocado green feature walls, natural wood colours, and plant life to your home to bring the outdoors in.

No surprises here – the natural trend throws out anything that feels factory-made and cold and instead welcomes natural stone, concrete counter tops, real wood and cork. One can however get away with cheating here by using laminated flooring or decorative panel products that represent natural wooden textures.

Minimalistic trends

Minimalism is another trend that is definitely here to stay. Minimalistic trends are all about disconnecting from the hustle and bustle and reconnecting with yourself – it is a mindful way of living where everything has its space.

For walls and furniture choose soft neutrals like the new millennial pink, Plascon’s  Amadeus, moss greens and different shades of brown. These selections will allow you to feel calm and relaxed in your new space without leaving it dull and boring or clinically white.

For wooden elements choose something like Formica’s Natural Oak or MelaWood’s  Vancouver Maple as an alternative to solid wood furniture or granite counter tops.

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