Reasons Bed Bugs Are A Huge Problem Than You Thought

Bedbugs are blood-sucking parasites found almost anywhere- hotels, homes, movie places, and gyms. There are particular areas they prefer the most including beds, mattresses, in clothes, and furniture. Needless to say, they are most active at night when people go to sleep.

  1. Bedbugs can spread diseases

Scientists discovered that bed bugs carry a very infectious bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, which is resistant to antibiotics, and they can spread it from one person to the next. The bacterium is responsible for staph infections. You must be keen on protecting your family from these dirty bugs by  getting hold of pest control for bed bugs.

  1. They invade any place

Some people associate bed bugs with bed because of their name; but truth is that they can fit anywhere even behind your wall decors, computers, in books, cracks, vents, wiring, electric devices, and so on.  How they are spread is very intriguing- you can carry them unknowingly in your luggage and transport them to your office. It is not surprising to find them in public transportation and they can move along wires and electric conduits from one condo to the next.

  1. Secondary infections

Even though they don’t transmit major diseases, they bite people and suck blood. A scratched bite is an open wound that can pave the way to secondary infections and this is more prevalent in people who find itching unbearable. In some instances, anaphylactic and asthmatic reactions happen, creating more health complications.

How to detect bedbug infestations

Have you spotted some reddish droppings and stains on your bed sheets? This is a good indication of bedbugs’ presence. Since you it’s hard to feel a bedbug bite at night, another biggest red flag is unexplained swellings and bites on your skin. Bedbugs normally excrete light brown or black matter which is easily absorbed on the surface it has been dropped on. In some cases, trained dogs are used to sniff bedbugs or previous infestation. The smell of a bedbug is related to that f coriander or rusty iron and blood where the infestation is heavy. If you spend a night in a hotel, make sure that the place is inspected first.

Pest Control Treatment For Bed Bugs Removal

The most effective approach to getting rid of bedbugs is by consulting services of pest control experts. If bedbugs are a problem in your home, you don’t need to worry about disposing of your furniture because there are more effective treatment methods such as thermal treatment and Murphy’s oil. You can also starve them to death but this will take months. There are also chemical methods which involve spraying the infested areas with pesticides but the non-chemical pest control for bed bugs are the most preferred because they don’t harm the environment.

It is imperative that you keep off these vile bugs to maintain a hygienic living and working place. Do not let them invade your comfort. Call a bedbug exterminator as soon as possible.