Furniture for Living Rooms And Modern Dining Rooms

Furniture for modern living rooms. How difficult it is, on some occasions, to find furniture for our modern living room or dining room. Has not ever happened to you, that you go to a store knowing what you want, or what you like, and once there, you become disoriented and find it hard to find what you came for?

In our furniture store we know that this can happen to our customers when they enter our exhibition of more than 7,000 square meters of furniture, of course, there is so much to choose from that it can be difficult to do so. Therefore, our sales team tries to empathize with each and every one of the people who come into our store, to know their tastes and their needs, and to present the best option of modern furniture for their living room.

Modern classrooms have an advantage, which in turn can also play some bad tricks. And it is that, to a modern living room or dining room, you can add from a dresser of straight lines and modern aesthetics, to modular furniture where to place the television. You have a thousand options that can make you forget yourself. That is why, in this post we are going to guide you with the different online modern furniture that you can use to give life to your living room. You are ready? Let’s go there!

Furniture for Modern Living Rooms

To make a correct choice of furniture for our living room or modern dining room, the first thing we must do is identify the needs we are going to have. For example:

  • How many people or how many diners are we going to be?
  • Do I prefer a chaise longue sofa, or do I prefer two sofas?
  • What color would I like my furniture to be?
  • Do I want furniture with space to store things, or do I prefer simplicity and cleanliness?
  • Do I have space to place a coffee table, or do I settle for a side table?
  • These questions, and many others we can ask ourselves before choosing the furniture, will help us identify our needs.

Once this previous step is done, we must draw a map of what our modern room will be, and measure as accurately as possible each and every one of the walls of it, with the aim of knowing what will be the ideal measures that should have our furniture.

And now that, once this is done, it’s time to sit down and choose between the different types of furniture that can accompany our modern living room or dining room.

Types of Modern Furniture for the Living Room


The modern sideboards are large furniture with drawers or cabinets, where we can store our everyday objects. This type of modern furniture would be one of the solutions if we need to store things like crockery, a cutlery, table linen … in short, objects related to the service of the table.

A modern sideboard can be a perfect complement to the rest of the modern living room furniture, since this type of modern room can often be “too simple”. This proposal that we offer you, is simply great, and will also allow the passage of the rumba!

Sideboards for modern living rooms

Television furniture

We cannot forget in any case our TV cabinet, since the room tends to be organized around this electronic component, one of the main hobbies of our home, which will make us enjoy our stay in the room.

There are a thousand types of television furniture, from the simplest to the most extravagant. We suggest that you opt for what you like most, as long as you do not overload your modern living room. Here we propose a clean, simple, and super modern solution.

TV cabinet for modern living room

Modular compositions

In modern salons and dining rooms, we can play with modular compositions. They will serve us as much as television furniture, as modern auxiliary furniture, everything depends on how we use it, and where we place it. These modular compositions of modern style provide a plus to the living room both useful, as design, since we can use the interior of the same composition to store different objects like some books.

Here we propose one of the thousands of options that we have in our furniture store in Valencia. The good thing about this type of compositions is that you can do it to your liking, removing modules, adding them, or changing them. What you want!

Modular composition for modern living rooms

Tables and chairs for the modern dining room

We cannot forget the importance of the table and chairs of our modern dining room, since they will be the furniture around which we will sit when the visitors come. We must choose the type of table we want: round, rectangular, square, oval, extendable …, there will even be another choice that is the style: with the glass top, wood, metal…

Take a look at this composition of chairs and dining tables that we show you here. Elegant, straight lines, attractive and with a natural touch, which can perfectly become the protagonist of your living room. It has several possible measures, and it is spectacular. We have it in our exhibition, in case you want to visit it.

Composition of tables and chairs for a modern dining room

Sofa, armchair, or whatever you want!

In the comfort section, it is essential to add a sofa, a chaise longue sofa, two sofas, a sofa and an armchair, a sofa and two armchairs … whatever you want and what you like most, but you always have to include a sofa in our modern lounge. Continuing with this style, we have thousands of options, since the vast majority of sofas fit into a living room with modern style.

Here we propose something different. Something with which to break the “monotony” of straight lines and simplicity. It is a Chester sofa, which are super trendy, and can be erected, at any given time, as the main protagonist of the room. Attentive!

Chester sofa

Auxiliary furniture and dividers

Last, but not least, we find the auxiliary furniture and the spacers. These types of furniture, among which we find modern coffee tables, are key when adding a differentiating touch in our living room. If we have enough space, an elevating coffee table we can serve as an ideal complement to the room, for those nights when you do not feel at all sitting at the dining table for dinner and that we would happily eat a sandwich on the couch, in front of the television. Regarding the separators, they can help us differentiate different environments in the same space, such as the dining room, but we may need a room to choose this solution. It depends on the tastes of each one!

Here we show you a couple of solutions for this type of furniture. We hope you like them!

Elevating coffee table

Modern separator for living room

If you’ve wanted more, you can check out our posts on how to choose modern furniture, or how to decorate the room. And if you have doubts, or want to carry out your interior design project, do not hesitate to contact us.