What are the Different Stages of Cleaning a Conservatory?

When it comes to conservatory cleaning Wigan, we have been providing the people of Wigan with a professional and friendly service for a number of years now.

There are several different stages to cleaning a conservatory that have to be carried out one after another to ensure your conservatory is looking as great as it possibly can.

In this blog, we will take you through the various steps involved and explain why they are so important.

The Initial Surface Wash

Our conservatory cleaning experts begin any cleaning project with an initial sponge wash. This soft wash eliminates all the surface dirt without damaging windows. Through using a soft sponge, we can rigorously clean windows without posing any risk of damage to the glass itself.

After the sponge wash has finished, our conservatory cleaning Wigan experts move on to the detailed areas of your conservatory. They use a small brush to get into the detailed and hard to reach areas of your conservatory- cleaning up any build ups or debris that has manged to go unnoticed.

Our conservatory cleaning Wigan experts know that the devil is in the details, so we take our time ensuring every part of your conservatory is dirt free.

The Rinse and Dry

Using our low pressure hose pipe, we rinse all of your conservatory windows. We use the low pressure wash for a similar reason to why we use the sponge- it allows for a thorough cleaning without damaging your conservatory.

The rinsing process clears any dirt that has been loosened by the sponge and the small brush. After this stage is complete, we dry the whole of your conservatory by hand with cloths before proceeding to the next stage. By hand drying your conservatory, we save time rather than allowing for it to dry naturally.

A Top to Bottom Polish

After your conservatory has been dried, we begin applying polish, creams and treatments. We do this to lift any stubborn stains that may be on the UPVC frames of your conservatory. This thorough and attentive approach will have the frame and fittings of your conservatory looking like the day they were first installed again.

We then move on to polishing the glass windows. The windows are shown special treatment and are cleaned with Just Clean’s specialist polishes and creams to ensure they are looking their very best.

The conservatory cleaning Wigan team will have your windows and frames sparkling in no time.

An Interior Clean

Finally, the interior of your conservatory is shown some TLC by our conservatory cleaning Wigan team. We will ensure that the inside of your conservatory is looking as great as the exterior, working to remove stubborn stains left from pollutants such as cigarettes.

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