Replacing Carpet in Your Home: How Often Should You Do It?

If you have a trusty home carpet that’s seen you through a lot, you might be loath to part with it at first. But the truth is, if you’re trying to keep your home clean and hygienic, there comes a time when you and your old carpet will need to part ways. Even if you take your carpet to the best Green Carpet Cleaners every few months, your carpet can develop older stains and bacterial buildup that can make it hazardous to keep around after a while. If you’re not certain about when to replace carpet in your home, here are a few telltale signs that will let you know when it’s time to bit the bullet and buy a new home rug.

When Stains Get Too Deep

Even if you’re extremely diligent about taking your rug in for a monthly cleaning, there may come a time when you come face to face with a stain that’s just too tough to fight, even after a ton of professional cleanings. When that time comes, it up to you whether to keep your rug or go for a new one. However, even if you’re not bothered by discoloration or matting, a stubborn stain will bring all kinds of bacteria and odor with it that could end up compromising the air you breathe as well as the health of your home’s floors. If you want to play it safe, settle for a new rug rather than trying to overlook a huge stain.

When Your Surface Erodes

When a rug is subjected to a ton of foot traffic, it’s bound to start eroding on the surface. This can happen to short pile rugs like berber carpets sooner rather than later since too much pressure can result in pulled loops or a crushed surface. Carpets with longer strands might not experience the same kind of depressions or marks on the surface, but over time matting will develop and your rug’s strands will lose their fluffy, healthy appearance no matter how much you get your carpet professionally treated.

When Mold Forms

When you start to smell an unpleasant odor or notice a stain that just won’t go away, you might be exposing your carpet to more serious problems. Mold might not be noticeable on your rug’s surface at first, but when a wet or dirty stain sets in, bacteria doesn’t take to long to spread and start damaging your carpet from within. When this happens, the safest thing to do is to swap out your old rug for a new one.

When Smells Can’t Be Contained

Certain smells and stains can be contained and treated. However, when you come up against a smell that just won’t quit, it’s probably time to trade in your old rug. No one wants to deal with lingering, unpleasant odors around the house. When you notice that your home carpet is the source of a foul smell that isn’t the result of a recent stain and isn’t confined to a specific section of the carpet, it might be time to put it out to pasture.