Best Invention of all Time; The Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are almost a necessity now, as people are becoming busier day by day, they need something to help them in daily chores (especially kitchen chores). For that reason people have come up with ideas about kitchen machinery like food processors, mills, beaters, electronic knives, garbage disposers, etc. all these things are created for just one reason: to lower the burden to work on people.

As much as other kitchen appliances are worth talking about; we are going to talk about one of the most important inventions for the kitchen which changed the way we work today (in the kitchen),i.e. the various garbage disposals

There are many types of garbage disposals but the two main types win over others:

1.  In-sink garbage disposal

2.  Dishwasher garbage disposal

1) In-sink garbage disposal:  as the name suggests, in-sink garbage disposals work on a simple principle that everything which comes inside the sink and if the disposer is running, it will shred it into small pieces so that they won’t get stuck in the drain. Sadly, anything can go down the drain even a coin or someone’s finger. Further, there are two types of in sink disposers: continuous feed disposers and batch feed disposers.

Continuous feed, as the name suggests it works continuously without stopping until you turn them off. They require cold water to keep running smoothly which makes the water bill huge as well as the electricity bill and in this type of disposer is the biggest risk of a foreign object being grinded (like we mentioned above: a coin or someone’s finger). However, they are quiet garbage disposals another good thing about these disposers is that they are amazing for keeping your counter always clean as you can throw in leftover food whenever you like and it will shred it, they’re also ideal for the huge amount of leftover garbage.

Batch feed, again as the name tells us: this disposer works only when you turn it on and when it is full. There are some types of batch disposers that work only when their top lid is on the place and because of that there is no risk of anything ‘foreign’ falling inside it and even if it does fall you can always pick it up with tongs or your hand without getting it grinded (eww gross). As they don’t continuously work, they are ideal for saving electricity and money and are more long lasting as their motor is able to rest, unlike the continuous feed. But it also has some setbacks like they’re more expensive than the other types of disposals also they’re pretty unhygienic because if they only when full it means the garbage can stay in it even for days and eventually it will start to rot.

2) Dishwasher garbage disposal: this type of disposal unit is installed inside the dishwasher to remove any excess leftover food because if a slightly big particle of food gets stuck in it, it will start malfunctioning. You can even connect your sink disposal to the dishwasher but hire a professional for this job.