Maximize night zone spaces with the right wardrobe for the bedroom

It is not always easy to manage very big spaces, especially a large bedroom. It may be difficult to understand how to organize the night zone preventing to be too dispersive. Also, if the ceiling is too high or too low, it is necessary to be accurate while choosing the furniture in order to use all the spaces in the better way.

Surely the wardrobe is the main furniture of the bedroom due to its dimensions. If necessary, it can become an architectural element itself. This is the reason why if you want to maximize night zone spaces, first of all you have to understand which model of wardrobe fits your necessities.

Here we are with this guide to help you to find out the right solution for your night zone optimization.

Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe

Is your bedroom taller than large? The ideal solution for this kind of space is the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. This is a fitted wardrobe that can occupy all the wall surface becoming a wall itself. It is a comfortable and modern solution that will provide a contemporary look to your night zone.

Also keep in mind that a well organized floor-to-ceiling wardrobe allows you to store all your clothes in a single piece. So you don’t have to occupy other walls with drawers, closets or shoe racks. You can use these spaces for other purposes instead.

What if the ceiling is too low? You can always choose the same solution according to the dimensions of the wall, opting for customized floor-to-ceiling wardrobes that can fit your necessities.

Using the wardrobe as room divider

Have you ever think to the wardrobe as a way to separate two areas of the same room? Large bedrooms allow you to create spacious walk-in closet but if you don’t like the idea to have a room into the room the right solution is the wardrobe set in the middle of the bedroom.

Thanks to this big armoire it is possible to divide the night zone in two separated areas, the first one as the main entrance and the second one as the sleeping area. You can create a reading corner or a beauty corner in the main entrance, for example. You can also place the bed and the night tables behind the wardrobe, in order to create an intimate space as sleeping area.

This is a versatile solution designed to be a functional furnishing element especially the models equipped with a double opening system on both sides. Sliding doors as well as leaf openings are designed for this purpose.

In both online and real stores, you can find several wardrobe design ideas for spacious bedrooms such as fitted wardrobes or floor-to-ceiling ones. Most of them are made with innovative materials for the house furnishing like glass, steel and aluminium because aesthetics and functionality cannot be separated when we talk about interior design.