The Benefits of Using Portable Evaporative Coolers

Thinking about getting one of those portable evaporative cooler units from Vankool? As someone who is most likely used to the traditional wall-mounted air conditioner, this portable cooler may seem unorthodox. While you cannot deny your budding interest in this particular cooling system, you also cannot mask your concerns. One of the biggest concern you may have perhaps revolves around its effectiveness.

Do these portable cooling systems work as effective as the traditional air conditioner? What about their lifespan, do they last longer than is traditional counterpart? As a customer, it’s a human nature to want every information you can get. You want to get the most out of your hard-earned money after all. To help you make a decision, we have listed the benefits you may get by purchasing a portable cooler.

How do portable evaporative coolers work?

Evaporative coolers may give the same cooling effect similar to its traditional counterpart. But little do we know, it works quite differently. When compared to air conditioner, the focus of evaporative coolers is the pump. With its pump being the primary piece, it’s obvious that the cooling process needs proper water circulation. The water in question is stored in the reservoir located near the cooling pad.

When the cooling process begins, the water in the reservoir will be pumped towards the cooler’s cooling pad. The cooling pad will then form moisture, which eventually makes it incredibly wet. Once it has reached that stage, the fan will start working on drawing air from the outside. This air will be pushed and directed to the now wet cooling pad.

When the air that has been drawn into the system passes the moistened cooling pad, it will start cooling down. The cool air that is blown out of the cooler is the result of none other than evaporation. The most important key of this entire process is a saturated cooling pad. Without the correct level of saturation, evaporation cannot occur. Now with this information, let’s move to the benefits.

Inexpensive installation, affordable operation cost

Costs associated with the installation of evaporative cooling system is surprisingly far from expensive. Compared to the cost associated with the installation of air conditioner, the average cost for evaporative coolers can go as low as 700-dollars. Larger evaporative coolers may reach as much as 3,000-dollars but it’s very rarely to surpass the 3000-dollar mark.

Another thing worth noting when it comes to the cost of having an evaporative cooler is undoubtedly the operation cost. Unlike the regular air conditioner, evaporative coolers may save you as much as 50-percent off the regular monthly operational cost. This is largely due to the fact that evaporative coolers do not require lots of electricity – significantly decreasing your utility bills.

Environmentally friendly         

Unlike refrigerated cooling system in regular air conditioning system, the air it produces is always dry. However, it is no longer a secret that chemicals are liberally used during the entire process. The negative consequences are not restricted to the dry air, but also the chemical byproduct. This dangerous byproduct does not only damage the environment, but also the atmosphere.

Easy maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, evaporative coolers are ahead of the game. It’s far from complicated, and it’s also far from costly maintenance fee. In the off-chance that your coolers break, you can get them fixed easily and affordably. Service plan for evaporative coolers is also far from a hassle. Owners only have to have it serviced twice a year to ensure proper cooling process.

Thinking about getting it done by yourself? Evaporative coolers are actually one of the easiest cooling system to fix or tinker with on your own. Should you get a few parts replaced to ensure the smooth performance of your coolers? You have nothing to worry about as it can be easily figured out and done on your own. As for the spareparts, you are in luck because Vankool only offers the best and genuine parts.

Vankool, as one of the most prominent evaporative air cooler manufacturer on the market, has long been catering to your cooling system needs. With a lot of options to choose from, the manufacturer offers portable air coolers, industrial-grade coolers, and wall-mounted air coolers. To determine which evaporative air cooler well-suited to your needs, head over to its aircooler official page.